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Feb 06, 2008

YellowZone launches Gorman, DDS Applications
YellowZone launches the Gorman, DDS Website

Encino, CA, February 6, 2008. YellowZone is proud to announce the launch of their latest client’s e-business Gorman, DDS

Gorman, DDS philosophy is that of Bioesthetic Dentistry. Bioesthetic Dentistry is where beauty truly meets form…the secret to a healthy life! Dentists know that chewing is a learned activity. However, patients with worn down teeth can develop dysfunctional chewing and biting patterns. Rather than an effective vertical motion for chewing food, patients often engage in unhealthy horizontal chewing strokes.

YellowZone is proud to have USC Center for Premature Infant Health and Development as a client.

For further information about YellowZone, Inc., contact us at (818) 788-7810. Email us at
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