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US $15000.00
YellowZone's software division, initiating a breakthrough in shopping cart technology, began to develop software to address the higher demands of the e-commerce community. Developing a unique shopping cart program scripted entirely in PHP programming language, YZCART was developed as a high end e-commerce solution.

YZCART has many advantages over the existing shopping cart and e-commerce programs. YZCART addresses all the challenges for high-end and demanding e-commerce sites of the future.
  • Scripted entirely in PHP
  • Web developers of all levels can create the highest quality in e-commerce sites.
  • Runs on both NT and UNIX platforms without additional software or modifications to the server.
  • YZCART supports secure transactions (SSL)
  • Contains credit card algorithm modules.
  • Charge tax according to multiple states and differentiate non-taxable items.
  • 4 shipping algorithms for optional charging, including discounts for bulk shipping.
  • Web based and password protected e-mails and tags can be configured and customized rapidly, according to user specifications.
  • Track user activity (without the use of cookies)
  • Multiple ordering at a time.
  • Stay on the same page when item is purchased.
  • Order confirmations sent to both merchant and customer once items are purchased.
  • YZCART will retain copies of customer orders for future referencing.
YellowZone's commitment is to provide high quality, state-of-the-art software solutions, making your success our success.


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