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YellowZone's software division, introduces a high end web personalization software with integrated database and administration functionality. YZID was developed in PHP language and runs on both NT and Unix platforms. YZID, a personalization software by YellowZone recognizes the internet users by name as they enter into the web site. It will also track the number of times the user visited the site, the user's email address and the last time of visit. The entire data gets stored into an online database. YZID's administration has a log in capability for the web administrator to view the online log file as well as downloading the database into the local hard disk. The administrator has the ability to change the password and use the database information for marketing purpose. YZID's online database can be integrated with the web site's back end database to acknowledge more user's information. Future Web Sites recognize the user and track their buying and visiting habits. YZID allows today's web sites to gain competitive advantage over their competitors by understanding the users and making their internet experience very personal.

YZID- YZID addresses all the challenges for high end, and demanding web sites of the future.
  • Scripted entirely in PHP
  • Web developers of all levels can create the highest quality in personalization
  • Runs on both NT and UNIX platforms without additional software or modifications to server.
  • YZID provides an online integrated database for storing the user's information
  • Provides password protected high end administration section to view, or download the user's information.
  • Can be integrated with other online databases.
  • The administrator has the ability to clear all inactive users prior to any given date.
YellowZone's commitment is to provide high quality, state-of-the-art software solutions in making your success our success.


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