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YZ Time Card (YZTC) is an internet software solution for timecard automation and payroll.
YZTC is an internet software product for managing timecards, approval process and payroll. Employees, contractors and workforce can access YZTC anywhere online to login securely and update their work schedule and timecard. Complete details of project specifics, billing rate, pay rate, client information and other related timecard data gets captured via this product. YZTC has workflow capability that allows a client or a manager to approve the timecard submitted by an employee before getting processed for payroll. The client or the manager has the freedom to access YZTC online to approve or reject the submitted timecards. If a timecard is rejected, YZTC's workflow will resubmit it to the employee with an explanation as to why it was not approved. The approved timecards will then be routed to the payroll manager to be processed. The embedded workflow is completely seamless and allows for an optimized and speedy approval process. YZTC eliminates errors in submitting timecards and prevents lengthy approval processing and exhaustive paper trails.
Microsoft IE 4.0 or greater
Netscape 4.0 or greater
Features and Benefits
  • Real-time Internet software solution
  • Automation of the traditional timecards
  • Customizable Layout of Timecards
  • Embedded workflow
  • Allows for optimized and speedy approval process
  • Online Automation and Integration
  • Calculates payroll based on bill rate/ pay rate and provides a detailed summary for payroll
  • Reduce Cost, Reduce Time, Eliminate Paperwork
  • Improve Customer Service and Communication
  • Minimize Delays in payroll
  • Keeps accurate records

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